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I believe that a photograph is not complete until it has been printed. While I am happy to share my photographs here on the website, the photographs themselves deserve to be seen much larger than on a computer screen. That is why I am happy to offer large fine art prints of all the photographs you see on my website. What else am I to do with all those megapixels on my camera? I'd be honored to share my art and vision with you as it is displayed on your walls. 

Looking for something over the bed? Over the fireplace? Need something bright, colorful and inviting for your office building, waiting room, restaurant or hotel lobby? I offer paper, metal, and face mounted acrylic prints only. Allow me to help you bring your environment to life and elevate your surroundings with these stunning fine art prints and choose the best options for your needs. Have a large space you need to fill with numerous large prints? I would be happy to discuss options with you in detail and even meet in person depending on the size of the project to go over details. Just use the contact form to inquire about bulk print options.

Brief descriptions of different printing materials are listed below to give some context on what to expect when your print arrives at your front door. If you are still unsure about sizing, prices, or materials I would be happy to answer any questions you have to make sure the print(s) fits your needs and will be perfectly displayed in your desired space. 

I offer a variety of print mediums which vary in price range. Please note that all prints come WITHOUT a frame. If you would like to discuss framing options I would be happy to assist you and include the perfect frame for the piece(s) at additional costs.

Classic Paper Prints

Paper prints are available in glossy, lustre, and metallic finishes. Paper print sizes range from 20"x30" up to 40"x60".  Please note these prints are just on the paper only, they are not mounted on any kind of board, matted, or framed. All of those aspects are up to the buyer to pick and choose the right frame, mount, liner, etc. I would be happy to help you select those options either before or after your print purchase to ensure you have the sharpest looking artwork on your walls. These prints are available for direct order off of the website. Select "Paper Prints" when clicking on any buy button.   

Brilliant Metal Prints

This is currently my most popular print option. Metal prints are offered in three finishes, glossy (the most popular option), semi gloss, and satin and are ready to hang with a float mount. This means no expensive frames or liners, just order the print and hang it upon delivery! Metal print sizes are available in 20"x30", 20"x40", 24"x36", 30"x45", 30"x60", 40"x60" and now 40"x80" (please inquire regarding this size prior to your purchase). These prints are available for direct order through the website. Select "Wall Art" when clicking any of the buy buttons. Proper placement of metal prints are also of importance. As you will see in the glossy metal print below, glare does exist, but can be managed appropriately if displayed in the right location.    Arizona Residents please use the contact form if you are interested in purchasing these metal prints for personal delivery options.

Myself holding a beautiful 24x36 inch metal print of "What Dreams Are Made Of". Note that glossy metal prints do show some glare and reflections as seen in this image. Mid gloss and satin finishes will reduce those aspects on metal prints as well as proper placement and lighting for glossy metal prints.

Luxury Museum Quality Face Mounted Acrylic Prints

(Custom order through contact form only!)

Do you need a show stopping piece of art for your empty wall space? Then this luxury print option is for you. Face mounted acrylic prints are arguably the highest quality print option currently available (these are also my absolute favorite in terms of quality and appearance!). These prints are printed on high quality FujiFlex Crystal Archive paper and then coated with a 1/8" museum quality tru-life acrylic to enhance the color, clarity, detail and depth of the photograph for a true fine art print. The back of the print includes a 3mm black sintra board for added protection. Each face mounted acrylic print also comes with a museum quality aluminum wall mount allowing the print to be hung without a frame. This creates a sleek, modern look that is sure to give you that wow factor wherever you display the print as well as save you from having to use even more expensive frames. These prints are pretty much glare free. When looking at the image below and the one above of the metal, you can see a significant difference in overall glare on the print surface. This aspect alone is one of the main factors these acrylic prints are sought after and why they hold a higher value.  The finishing touch on these prints is a hand written signature (not digital like on the paper and metal) using a silver acid free paint pen on the lower right corner ensuring every signature and print is one of a kind. These are currently all open edition prints.

Luxury Museum Quality Face Mounted Acrylic Print Price Options

(Custom sizes may be available, please use the contact form to inquire)

Standard Sizes (in Inches)

20"x30"- ($1,200)

24"x36"- ($1,650)

30"x45"- ($2,350)

40"x60"- ($3,875)

Panoramic Sizes (in inches)

20"x40"- ($1,500)

30"x60"- ($3,450)

36"x72"- ($4,250)

40"x80"- ($5,000) 

Myself holding a 20x30 inch luxury museum quality tru-life acrylic of "Revived". Note there is zero glare on this print. All the materials used are exactly what is listed in the luxury museum quality acrylic print information above including a ready to hang aluminum wall mount.

Photo taken by Julie Estrada 

For those interested in the face mounted acrylic prints and need a custom size, please use the contact form and include the name of the print you are interested in, and the size you would like it to be printed. For residents in Arizona, these prints are personally delivered by me at no extra cost. Shipping is included in the price of face mounted acrylic prints measuring up to 60 inches within the continental US.

ongoing promotions

"LEAVE IT BETTER DISCOUNT"  Want to save 20% on your print purchase while doing something great for the environment? Then this discount is perfect for you! This is one discount you do have to work for though. Whenever you are out recreating in the outdoors, whether it is a national park, national forest, BLM land, state park, etc, bring a trash bag and gloves and fill the bag with as much litter as you find along the trails and surrounding areas. When you have filled a full garbage bag, simply take a photo of you with the bag of litter and send it to me using the contact form. Please include your name and the location which you helped clean up and I will create a custom 20% off coupon code for you to use. I want to see the wonderful people who are helping clean up our public lands!


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Please understand that what you are paying for is more than just a photographic print. It's a story, an escape, a special memory shared with a loved one, the time and effort it took to travel and create these images. Each one of these images is a glimpse into my life and my passion that I work extremely hard for and I am fortunate to be able to share that with you through these photographs. 

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