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2/28/22- I recently participated in my first podcast discussion with fellow photographer Matt Payne on his "F-Stop Collaborate and Listen" podcast. We had a great discussion on my journey throughout my photography career on both the positives and negatives, being confident, finding an even deeper appreciation for the landscape and much more. For those interested in tuning in you can listen here F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Episode 254-Peter Coskun. The episode runs for about an hour and twenty minutes. There is also some bonus content if you subscribe to Matt's Patreon. 

1/31/22- I am honored to announce that two of my images have placed in the top 101 photographs in the 2021 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year awards and will be included in the awards book. My images "Spike and Barrel" as well as "The Maze" were the two images that made it into the book. While they have always done the top 101 images (those images make up the book), this year they included many more images that were difficult to judge and made a top 202 image portfolio. All of the winners and as well as how to order the book can be found here 2021 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year.

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11/1/21- Natural Landscape Photography Awards! This was the first year for this contest aimed at photos that don't rely on heavy post processing or "Photoshop". I've often tried to create my images based on what was actually presented to me in real time. I have heard it over and over that my images have to be Photoshopped or enhanced to a degree of not being real. This is a common misconception when non photographers see images of unbelievable scenes. As a landscape and nature photographer, I spend a lot of time in the field waiting for the right moment and try to minimize the amount of post processing needed to achieve my end result. I of course entered this photo contest and what I liked about it was the transparency through the judging process. Judging is always subjective, but the judging process showed how far each individuals images went in the overall judging process (there were multiple stages). While I did not win the contest or any of the main awards, I did seem to come close according to the judging. You can see my combined portfolio score below and how far into the judging process I made it. 

Untitled photo

10/15/21- The Epson Pano Awards winners were recently announced and I am pleased to share that my image titled "Struck" received a gold award and placed 29th in the top 50 in the open category. I also received one silver award and three bronze awards for this years competition. 

Untitled photo

11/14/2020- My photograph titled "Canyon Visions" places in the top 101 photographs at number 48 in the International Landscape Photographer Of The Year competition. You can see the overall winners and rest of the top 101 images which will be compiled into a  book here International Landscape Photographer Awards 2020

Canyon Visions (2019)

Glowing canyon walls draped with beautiful desert varnish tower over the Paria river and a bed of dried mud patterns with reflected light.

4/25/2020- As a brand ambassador for FotoPro, I am happy to share that I can currently offer 15% off FotoPro Tripods to my supporters and fellow photographers. For more info on what model I use, check the "About" page. To browse, order and save, use coupon code COSKUN15 during checkout here

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12/15/19- I was recently interviewed by Serena Dzenis of Iceland Photo Tours about my photography and outlook about the environment. In this interview I discuss pivotal moments in my photographic career that led me to where I am now and how appreciating those moments allowed me to grow. If you would like to read this in depth interview, you can read it here Iceland Photo Tours Interview

12/11/19- My photo titled "Serenity" has received 3rd place honors in the 2019 Landscape Photo of the Year contest held by Our World In Focus. My images "Crack Pot" and "Sonoran Winter" were also finalists in this contest. You can see all of the winners here Our World In Focus 2019 Landscape Photo of the Year

11/22/19- I am pleased to announce that my images titled "Grand" and "Frosted Peaks" have both received silver award honors in the 2019 Epson Pano Awards. Always an honor to be recognized among such talented artists and photographers in todays age. You can see the images and awards below.

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4/8/19-  I was delighted to find out that my image titled "What Dreams Are Made Of" had been selected and featured as the photo of the day on the National Geographic website. Any time I get to connect the dots with my work and National Geographic is always special, even if it is only online. This particular image is always a very special one for me for a variety of reasons. You can find the photo of the day selection here National Geographic Photo Of The Day. As always, for those interested, prints of the photograph are available and can be ordered by clicking the photo below.

What Dreams Are Made Of (2016)

One of the most incredible and awe inspiring scenes I have had the privilege to witness and photograph. I had always hoped to watch a storm from this remote and spectacular view within the Grand Canyon. I got what many photographers dream of at locations such as this. Sunset and a few lightning strikes from an isolated thunderstorm across the canyon.

1/26/19- I participated in my very first art show at the Gold Canyon Festival of Arts in Gold Canyon, Arizona. It was a wonderful day getting to meet those interested in my work as well as have a chance for people to come see physical prints of a handful of images I have on the website here. I was fortunate to sell a few prints throughout the day and get some experience, but most importantly it was great seeing and hearing all the positive feedback about my work! Here are a couple photos of me and my booth display while I had a few minutes of "free time". 

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  • Untitled photo

11/8/18- The last two years I thought I'd enter the Epson Pano Awards and see how well I might do. Last year I entered about eight images with one category award and a selection of gold, silver, and bronze. This year I had only entered three photographs earning one silver and a top 50 ranked image as well as two bronze awards. It's always a wonderful feeling when your work is recognized and included among so many incredible works of art! You can see the entries and awards below. You can see all of this years winners and top 50 categories at Epson Pano Awards 2018.

10/30/18- I've kept quiet on this for the majority of the year except for a few close friends, but I am closing in on my first year of being in a photography gallery! About a year ago I was contacted by a the blinq.art gallery in Australia. They were interested in having a small collection of works to be featured in their gallery to be sold in store and through their online store. A few weeks of some back and forth emails and paper work and I was in. It's been an exciting adventure and I am looking forward to my second year of being in a gallery. You can find the selection of works available for purchase here https://blinq.art/. They offer framed and unframed paper and acrylic prints and acrylic print blocks in various sizes. If you happen to be visiting Australia, please go visit the gallery which showcases plenty of other photographers. The address is  Westfield Bondi Junction, Shop 5027, Level 5 500 Oxford Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022 Australia.

9/20/18-  It has been quite a year so far to say the least! The winners of the Weather Channel's annual "It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest" were announced today. Although I did not win, my photograph "Sandman" was one of 50 selected finalists this year. There were over 30k submissions this year so I feel extremely lucky and honored to have been one of the 50 selected out of that massive number! You can see this years winners and all 50 finalists including my photograph here 2018 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest Winners.

8/6/18- I was delighted to find an email today notifying that my image "Fortress In The Clouds" has been selected and published to the daily dozen on the National Geographic Your shot website. Any time you get an email like that it's a good day! Here is the link to the image Your Shot Daily Dozen Selection. Words from Nat Geo Your Shot Producer David Y. Lee - "Wow. What a magical way to begin 2017 Peter. This scene is breathtaking. I love how the cloud is rolling through this landscape. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing the story behind this moment because it makes me love this photo even more. Well done."

6/29/18- I am excited to share that my image titled "Serenity" has received the grand prize honors in "The American Landscape" photo contest hosted by Outdoor Photographer Magazine. This win is extra special as the image is my personal favorite to date. You can see all the winners and finalists at Outdoor Photographer "The American Landscape" photo contest

Outdoor Photographer Magazine The American Landscape Grand Prize Winner

Serenity (2015)

A lush vine maple frames a waterfall deep in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

6/27/18- Rio Nuevo Publishers latest book, "Glacier National Park, Reflections" showcases a few of my photographs I made over the years in Glacier National Park. I am humbled to be included in a book about my favorite place. If you are in the Glacier area this summer, be sure to find a copy and keep it handy. There is some very valuable information to help make your trips more interesting and relaxing.

1/13/18- Happy new year everyone! I am excited for a year of more exploring and photographing the natural world around me. Here is a recent interview I did that digs a little deeper beyond just getting the photo for me. Vision and Life Interview. Hope you enjoy!

11/13/17I am happy to share that my image titled "Consumer" took 3rd place in the Epson Pano Awards digital art category. In addition, I received two gold medals, five silver medals, and one bronze medal for the images that were entered overall. 

11/1/16- I'm excited to announce my image "The River Speaks" has been awarded a highly commended in the 2016 USA Landscape Photographer of the Year photo contest sponsored by USA Today. 

9/7/16- I am happy to share that I will have two images in two separate Arizona Highways Magazine calendars for 2017. My image "Days End" will be featured for the month of August in the 2017 classic wall calendar. My image "Desert Dreams" will also be featured during the month of January in the 2017 engagement calendar. 

3/25/16- Excited to share that my image "Light of the New Year" has received an honorable mention in the 2015/2016 Arizona Highways Magazine online photo contest. 

11/7/15If you wanted to learn a little more about me and some of my thoughts on photography related topics, I am the featured photographer for the month of November over on the Aperture Academy website.  read my interview here!

9/29/15-A few months ago I was contacted by Digital Photo Mag UK about an upcoming feature they wanted to do on my photography. After some good back and forth dialogue, the images were selected and a list of questions sent for me to answer. The result is a multi page feature in the October 2015 issue on my photography. They chose the images for the feature, and I think they chose some pretty good ones to showcase what I am all about and what I typically enjoy photographing. At the time they contacted me I was going by Peter James Nature Photography which is the name they used in the feature, however, they did add my last name (despite the misspelling). Anyways, it is always cool to see your work featured in publications and I am pretty excited to be able to share this great news. The magazine is currently available at select Barnes and Noble stores as well as select Costco retailers. Below are some images I took of the feature from the actual magazine.  Please note that the cover image is not my image, it is just shown for reference to the respective issue. 

7/3/15- Exciting news! My image "Mountain Minions" has received the grand prize honors in the 2014/2015 Arizona Highways Magazine online photo contest! Along with that image, my image "Days End" of Watson Lake also received an honorable mention in the same contest. It means a lot to have won this contest as the magazine is something that has inspired me for many years. To be featured among some of the greatest photographers is truly an honor! Expect to see both images published in the September issue of the magazine.  You can see the other winners and honorable mentions here.

2015 Arizona Highways Magazine photo contest Grand Prize Winner

Mountain Minions (2014)

Teddy bear cholla surround fallen ocotillo plants below the rugged Kofa Mountains as the sun rises behind in Southern Arizona.

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