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Thank you for taking the time to view my photographs. My photographic journey began long before I even knew I would have one. At age 13, my family and I had moved across the country from Philadelphia to Phoenix, Arizona. Like most people who do not live in the desert, I assumed it was pretty much a deserted landscape, much of what the movies make it out to be. Flat sandy cactus filled landscapes as far as the eye can see. It was quickly apparent that this was not true. It wasn't much later I would ride my bike out in the desert and enjoy the fresh air. In my junior year of high school, I took a photography class that had still used film. I learned how to develop my own photographs and the very basics of how to make a photograph. A few years later, I had purchased my own digital camera. I would take photos of almost anything, but more and more I found myself drawn to photographing nature and the landscapes surrounding me. I began searching the web and "reading" photography books and finding photographers and artists who inspire me. Many of them which are still my biggest inspirations to this date. The desire to travel and be outside with the camera became stronger and stronger. Eventually, I began going on a few short trips with friends to explore new places and it just started to become a regularity for me to be outside looking for something to photograph. It really wasn't until I took my first solo trip to photograph the Eastern Sierra area of California until I realized that this was what I wanted to do in life. The freedom to explore where and when I wanted, to be in place for the perfect moment, and to see first hand the successes and failures of being a photographer. I consider this the turning point in my ongoing photographic journey. I then began to get quite serious in my photographic endeavors. I started to set up social media pages to share my work  and started to seek out how my images compare to the many others out there. I have been given many valuable critiques over the years on my work by some of the biggest names in landscape photography today. Some which probably would make others decide to choose a new path. My camera has taken me to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the western United States, and I plan on exploring much much more. The sense of adventure is what will keep me on this path until I can no longer do so physically. 

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A few of my accomplishments/accolades:

-Honorable mention (Parade of Autumn) 2013 Arizona Highways Magazine photo contest (published).

-Highly commended (Glow of the Gods, Light Through the Valley II) 2014 USA Landscape  Photographer of the Year photo contest.

-Honorable mention TWAN International Earth and Sky photo contest.

-Fan Favorite (Light Catchers)2014 Arizona Highways Magazine photo contest (published).

-Grand prize winner (Mountain Minions) 2015 Arizona Highways Magazine photo contest (published).

-Honorable mention (Days End) 2015 Arizona Highways Magazine photo contest (published). 

-Honorable mention (Light of the New Year) 2016 Arizona Highways Magazine photo contest.

-Highly Commended (The River Speaks) 2016 USA Landscape Photographer of the Year photo contest.

-3rd Place (Consumer) Epson Pano Awards, Digital Art Category 2017. 

-The Big Interview eight page feature in Digital Photo Mag UK October 2015 issue.

-Photographer of the Month for November on apertureacademy.com. You can read the full interview here Aperture Academy Interview.

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